Hello World

Ok so more than likely with all the amazing blogs and celebrities in the world… my blog will more than likely go unnoticed.

Cool 😀

I am mostly doing this for me anyways however, if my humble little blog is able to spark inspiration, conversation, or thought then I hope I can help one person out there at the very least. 


A little about me though!

I am a strikingly gorgeous 23 year old average member of the global society. If you ask what I have accomplished, the best I can tell you is that I put a smile on people faces with my awkward and corniness. I’m not dope.. swagg.. etc. I am, however, a young woman who likes to travel (I have been to England, Spain, Scotland, Vegas, Miami… yeah etc etc lol) and do random things (Like jet skiing in the winter time! Yes I have done it… yes I got really sick… but no I have no regrets!). I am aspiring to become a model (My goal is to be on the cover of a magazine) and a lawyer (Weird mix there huh?).


This blog will consist of many things though I guess I should pick one.. (but I won’t though :P)… Including my travels, exercises (I am neither a personal trainer nor am I being paid to do any posts. I feel the need to do this disclaimer because there are an ish-ton of scams out there.), financial management, and anything else I want really.


If you would like to reach me my email address is livelifeyourway@yahoo.com


Feel free to use my email address to ask for advice (Any kind really, if I don’t have an answer I will find it. (My favorite is relationship and financial though.) and I promise that is will all be confidential and free (Once again I am not a trained professional I’m just one opinionated young lady.. notice I said lady because I will not laugh or joke about you or your problems like some of these children nowadays do).

Haha I’ll even teach you how to properly grocery shop in your local grocery store 😛

If you are going through a hard time in life and really just need to vent because it seems like no one is listening, I will listen.

If you need a pen-pal because you feel like you have no friends, I will be a friend.

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